Audible Grime

Audible Grime
Left to right:  Kyle, Ryan, Rob, Tommy, Graham  

Audible Grime were a band that formed circa 1991 and disbanded sometime in 1994.  Playing mostly original material they played at various venues around Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.  

A few places they played

Hurricane Surf Club
This was located on Pete Rose Way and was close to Caddy's.  It was torn down to make room for the all the stuff they built on the river downtown Cincy.
Located in Cheviot
Located in Corryville.  They played there twice; both times were in The Rumble (battle of the bands).  The first time was probably within the first year they were together.  Audible Grime were the first band on the first night.  Rob remembers a huge pit forming when we began playing Uncle Alcohol.
The Arc
An arcade in Bethel.  Parking lot gigs.
Never On Sundays
Might have played there
Grumpy's Gravel Pit
A nice venue for a band in Maysville, Kentucky
Played one of the "Dan the Door Man" parties.  Graham's brother Neal's place, and others.
Radio station located in Owensville.  Guests of "Major Man" on his Saturday night show -- multiple times.
Carver Studio in Bethel, Ohio
They recorded a demo containing three songs.
Georgetown, Miamitown, ...
The list will be expanded as information is gathered.  Audible Grime seemed to be on "Mad dog" Mike's hot list (yeah, the guy on WEBN).  Mike was also managing Hymie's at the time.

Original song titles

Lobotomy in Dm (Death in Slo-mo)
Uncle Alcohol
Quit Playing Like an Idiot
Ton of Lead
Psychic Phenomenon
(more to be listed as my memory is refreshed)

Graham, the bass player, created this site as a memorial of the band and is collecting ALL memorabilia.  If you have information or items that I can borrow, or if you just want to say "hello", contact Graham on nostr or send an email to graham at the above domain name.

Graham at Hurricane Surf Club on April 29, 1994A picture of Graham at Hurricane Surf Club on April 29, 1994.  That's Ryan's forehead and left arm in the background.  This must be the night Audible Grime shared the stage with Nuclear Assault.

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